luni, 12 august 2013

Monster Legends Hack

Monster Legends Hack Monster Legends is a Facebook game ideal for fans of Dragon City, where players manage their territory, they buy eggs, care for them and then have to take care of them hatched monsters. Having already parka monsters can cross them and send them to fight.

The game is very popular, now you can easily add Gems,Gold,Food and enjoy their values.Of course,for security cheat used to be once per day.
Monster Legends Cheat Tool Details:
-Supports System:  Facebook
-Is it Auto-Updated?: YES
-Is it Udetectable?: YES
-Anti-Bans System: YES
-Anti-Ban Protect: YES

Monster Legends Cheat Tool Functions:
-Gems Cheat
-Gold Cheat
-Food Cheat
-Legendary Eggs Cheat
-Infinite Farm Cheat

Please wait 20 minutes to update the values.